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Indoor Maintenance

The TARTAN® flooring system is designed for multi-purpose sports areas. It is top-coated with the highest quality polyurethane surface available. Proper care of this coating will significantly decrease the need for expensive repairs or future refinishing. The following manufacturer’s recommendations are intended to provide minimum guidelines.


(A) SHOES — High heels are NOT recommended for use on the smooth gym floor. APS offers a variety of surfaces for more heavily trafficked areas. For spike resistant textures, spikes must not be allowed on the track during the first two weeks after Tartan® has been poured in place. Since striping and trim typically take some time, this is approximately a week after the track has been delivered. The polymer is still curing and can be easily damaged . bubbles and delaminations may result. Inexpensive black soled shoes WILL scuff the floor. Such marks, if not ground into the polymers, can be removed however.

(B) HEAVY OBJECTS — Heavy objects must not be allowed on the surface for the first two weeks after Tartan® has been poured in place. Thereafter, the floor will recover from compression induced by heavy objects such as bleachers, tables or stands provided that no point loading or static turns occur (turning wheels without moving the bleachers). This means that all caps and coasters must be in good working order or the floor may be punctured or torn.

(C) VEHICLES — Vehicle traffic must not be allowed on the track during the first month after TARTAN® has been poured in place. The polymer is still curing and will be easily damaged, even if plywood is used. Bubbles and delaminations may result

(D) CHEMICALS — While TARTAN® flooring is resistant to most chemicals, use of non-recommended coatings, dressings, finishes or cleaners may mar the floor’s appearance. If these chemicals, or any other foreign substances are spilled on the surface, wipe off immediately.


(A) AUTOSCRUBBER — Equal to those manufactured by Advance, Clarke, American Lincoln or Tennant. Select a unit best suited to your facility and require a demonstration on your surface prior to purchase.

(B) NYLON SCRUBBING PADS — For use under the autosrubber brushes. Use Red or Green Pads. DO NOT USE STRIPPING PADS.

(C) DUST MOP — A standard 36 inch janitor’s mop is recommended.

(D) CLEANER — Equal to Syn-Clean. Use with autoscrubber.

(E) DUST MOP DRESSING — Equal to Hillyard’s Uphold.

(F) STAIN REMOVER — Xylene, Mineral Spirits, or APS Stain Remover.


(A) Check to see that autoscrubber is equipped with scrub brushes. Insert nylon pads under brushes.

(B) Wash and scrub using cleaner/water mix in accordance with instructions. Repeat until clean.

(C) When dry, sweep with treated dust mop.


Sweep with treated just mop one to three times daily, depending on use.


Wash with autoscrubber and cleaner.


Hand scrub with the center circle of the nylon pad with stain remover.