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Outdoor Maintenance

Care and Maintenance for the TARTAN® Track

Congratulations, you have purchased a running track manufactured by Athletic Polymer Systems, Inc. This product, by Patents 5,484,382 and 5,693,696, is a unique sports surface designed by Ph.D. chemists in our laboratories. The poured-in-place polyurethane surfacing industry was invented in our labs over 30 years ago and we continue to produce cutting edge, state-of-the-art polyurethane products for demanding sports applications. Proper care and maintenance will significantly decrease the need for expensive repairs and future refinishing. The following manufacturer’s recommendations are intended to provide minimum guidelines, no warranty is created.


(A) SPIKES — Spikes must not be allowed on the track during the first two weeks after TARTAN® has been poured in place. Since striping and trim typically take some time, this is approximately a week after the track is delivered. The polymer is still curing and can be easily damaged - bubbles and delaminations may result. Thereafter, needle/pin or pyramid spikes longer than 3/16. are not recommended for use. Inexpensive black soled shoes will leave marks on the track. Such marks can usually be removed, however.

(B) HEAVY OBJECTS — The track will recover from compression induced by heavy objects placed on it-providing point loading is avoided. In general, this means it is preferable to lay down carpet or plywood before placing heavy objects on the track. Your track is designed with a high degree of texture for runners to get a firm footing. Dragging heavy objects across the surface is therefore to be avoided as they can be caught by the texture and this can tear the track. Driving of vehicles on the track is not recommended as turning the tires when the vehicle is not in motion, spinning the wheels, or leaking fluids may damage the track surface.

(C) VEHICLES — Vehicle traffic must not be allowed on the track during the first month after TARTAN® has been poured in place. The polymer is still curing and will be easily damaged, even if plywood is used. Bubbles and delaminations may result

(D) CHEMICALS — While your TARTAN® track is resistant to most chemicals, use of non-recommended coatings, paints, dressings, finishes or cleaners may mar the track’s appearance. If these chemicals, or any other foreign substances are spilled on the surface, wipe off immediately.


(A) CLEANING — The track can be easily cleaned by use of a stiff broom and/or a water hose. Stubborn stains can be removed with Xylene, Mineral Spirits, or Citrus based cleaning products. High-pressure washing or street sweeping equipment is not recommended.

(B) APPLICATION OF NON-RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS — Use of products not recommended in this bulletin is strictly at the owner’s option. APS assumes no responsibility, liability, or warranty obligation resulting from their use or failure to follow our recommendations above.